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For over 30 years I have been doing charity events for causes close to my heart such as Help for Heroes, Mind, RBL (to name but a few) but now it is time for the NHS.


As a frontline worker for the last 12 months, I have been working at St George's Hospital as a fire safety officer throughout the Pandemic... Now it's time to raise money for my friends and colleagues for all their hard work in these testing times.


The Challenge:


There are currently 1,257 NHS Hospitals around the UK.


On the 1st February 2021, I will attempt to cycle 1257 miles (one mile per hospital) to try and raise £1,257


This relates to 30 miles a day for 42 consecutive days which will equal 1,260 miles.... I may only do 27 miles on the last day, depending on how the legs feel)

BBC South East Today - Special Report

To donate, visit my JustGiving Page -


I will be live on Instagram each day from 1st Feb 2021 from 6 pm until I complete 30 miles.


Please click on the link below for my profiles.

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